File Transfer Process (FTP) for PC


1. If you don't have any software for FTP, we recommand you to download CuteFTP. (30 days trial version)


2. Follow the instruction for install the CuteFTP software.


3. Then, open CuteFTP. This window will appear. Then complete this field.




FTP Host Address

For TACT server :

For Telelearning server :


FTP site Username : enter the username you receive from the system administrator.

FTP site Password : enter the password you receive from the system administrator.


Then click on connect to access the server




4. A window appear to welcome you. Click OK to continue.


5. This window appear, it's the server (right side) and your own computer (left side) that you see.


6. Choose the appropriate folder on server. For example, if you have to put your stuff in U folder, just double click on it. Then, do the same things for the side of your computer. You're now ready for transfering your files to the server.

7. Select the document on your computer that you want to send through the server by double click on it. You will see it appear on the server side a few seconds later. The transfer is now complete. It's possible to do the same process on the other way (from server to your computer).