Nancy Sheehan

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Dean, Faculty of Education Telephone: 822-5211 Fax: 822-6501 E-mail: AREAS OF INTEREST TEACHER EDUCATION WOMEN'S ISSUES CANADIAN EDUCATIONAL HISTORY DESCRIPTION OF RESEARCH ACTIVITIES Educating the Educator: One of seven themes in a new National Centre of Excellence which is examining the role of technology in teaching and learning in K-12 classrooms and faculties of education in Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver - with Th*r*se Laferri*re, Laval (TL-NCE 1995-99) RECENTLY PUBLISHED WORK Sheehan, N. (1995). World War I and educational policy in English Canada". In E.W. Ricker & B.A. Wood (Eds.), Historical perspectives on educational policy in Canada: Issues, debates and case studies, pp. 253-279. Toronto: Canadian Scholars' Press. Sheehan, N. & Fullan, M. (1995). Teacher education in Canada: A case study of British Columbia and Ontario. In M.F. Wideen & P.P. Grimmett (Eds.), Changing times in teacher education: Restructuring or reconceptualizing? (pp. 89-101). London, UK: Falmer Press. Sheehan, N., & Wilson, J.D. (1994). From normal school to the university to the College of Teachers: Teacher education in British Columbia in the 20th century. Journal of Education for Teaching, 20 (1), 23-37.

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20 mars 1997